October 2, 2012
Fuck Justin Bieber — Bieber vs. Usher

Usher sat nude in his shower, twiddling his ballsack up and down. His butthole puckered with each breath, the cool water caressing his nipples. He was in the mood to eat a fuckload of cum. If only…

The creak of the heavy oak door opening. Usher’s ears — and dick — perked up. 

"Ursher?" — the soft twink voice of Justin Bieber pierced through the roar of the shower. It was time; time to fuck, time to suck. Usher’s dick was already six inches ahead of him at this point, throbbing and vibrating with each minute, like a fuck earthquake, capable of shattering anything in his path.

Justin wasted no time getting into the shower. The warm water was a shock to his skin; it pounded his bare back while Usher cupped his tiny white balls, getting ready to enter his anus, bareback.

"You ready to deepthroat this big black dick, you fucking sissy twink fuckboy?," Usher crooned, in his delectable, smooth R&B voice.

Bieber smiled his trademark coy smile, the one that sent all the girls into a vagina-wetting frenzy. Little did they know, he enjoyed having his asshole stuffed and stretched to the limit by massive, black cock, that oozed vascularity. 

Bieber slid his tiny asscheeks onto Usher’s giant black mushroomhead. He loved squeezing his puny buns onto it, feeling it pulse and jerk around was enough to get his sissyboy asspussy to cum instantly. But tonight, he wanted to be fucked. He wanted to choke on it, wanted to vomit from the sheer violence of Usher’s dick entering his ass and rearranging his colon. 

"Use your pole to fill my hole," Bieber whispered, slowly jerking off Usher’s mandingo unit, slight tugs designed to coax the sperm out of his pisshole, like a horny shaman of the Buttfucko tribe.

Usher used some of the warm water to create a lubricated pocket in Bieber’s asshole, that he could then slam his cock into with fury. With a wiggle and a pull, he was inside of Bieber’s ass — docked deep inside, feeling Bieber’s tiny body betraying slight gasps and moans from his mouth with each and every homicidal thrust.

"Fill my ass with baby-batter," Justin moaned, as Usher increased the speed of his thrusts, until his black balls were slapping against Bieber’s tiny nuts with the rhythmic talent of a Travis Barker drum track, "I want that Usher man milk to drip down my thighs."

Usher ripped his cock out of Bieber’s ass, and spun Bieber around, beads of water flying everywhere, resembling the same manner of chaos that the fucking was. Usher forced Bieber to his knees, and lifted his left leg up, slamming Justin’s face into his dark, hairy taint. 

"Rim that shit boy, show me how you ride spinners," Usher moaned, as Bieber used his tiny tongue to lick Usher’s shitbox clean. He got some serious depth, massaging Usher’s ass while tickling his ballsack with a sexual proclivity reserved for the dirtiest of ass whores.

Usher’s man juice was brewing, and it was coming fast. He NEEDED a place to put it. In one violent motion, he picked up Bieber and put him in a full nelson, using a hands-free approach to guide his mandingo pipe into Bieber’s ripe ass. He could feel the sperm flowing, coming faster until —

 Bieber’s ass tried, but failed to absorb all of the cum. He couldn’t. It gushed out of his mancunt like a leaky faucet, a waterpipe that flowed the sweet, sticky nectar of manjuice. Usher grabbed Bieber by his hair, pumped his dong into him one more time, and threw him out of the shower.

"Go write some more songs and make me money, white bitch," Usher said, as Bieber happily left the room, cum-farting as he walked.

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